Discovery Zone

discovery zone play place


What can I say about this place. I have one word about Discovery Zone aka DZ, AMAZING! A lot of folks from the new generation are probably asking “What the heck is a Discovery Zone?!” LOL. Discovery Zone was a chain of entertainment facilities. This place is well known for incredible mazes, roller slides, ball pits, games, and many more. It was definitely in competition with places like Chuckie Cheese, Major Mikes, and Jeepers. It was a sad day when they filed for Bankruptcy in the late 90s. They really tried their best to keep the company going but it was too late. Another company purchased over 500 DZ’s by 199 but they changed them to Chuckie Cheese. They closed the remaining locations. Sucks that the new generation will never experience Discovery Zone because in my opinion I thought Discovery Zone was better than Chuckie Cheese.


It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for the amazing memories DZ.

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